Yamaha MCR-332 Micro Hi Fi System

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New-Design, High Sound Quality 2-way Bass Reflex Speakers


The 2-way bass reflex speakers use new-design 11cm woofer units, have deep cabinets and are supported by three legs that prevent external vibrations from affecting the sound. 

The result is powerfully resonant bass and rich midrange and treble, so you enjoy high sound quality with good imaging.

Superior Sound that Lives up to the Standards of the PianoCraft Series


The foundation of the MCR-332’s excellent audio performance is a Yamaha-developed digital amp that provides smooth, unforced sound output. The receiver’s separate digital and analogue low-noise circuitry ensures thoroughly high sound quality, which is delivered by new-design speakers.

VCCS Technology Ensures that the Speakers Accurately Reproduce the Sound from the Main Unit


Speaker cabinets vibrate, degrading sound quality. To overcome this, Yamaha drew upon its musical instrument manufacturing expertise to develop an internal structure called VCCS (Vibration Control Cabinet Structure), which uses strategically placed pieces of a composite material that provides excellent vibration isolation performance.

Large-size, Screw Type Speaker Terminals


The MCR-332 has binding post speaker terminals on both the main unit and speaker to ensure a high quality reliable connection. It also offers the ability to upgrade speaker cable, and equip banana plugs to the cable to guarantee a reliable speaker connection.

Dock digital connection for iPod, iPhone


The iPhone/iPod dedicated dock provides a digital connection, which means that the digital signal from the iPhone/iPod is transmitted directly to the receiver. 

This minimises noise interference and allows use of the MCR-332 DAC, rather than the /iPhone/iPod DAC, resulting in more precise sound reproduction.

Digital USB Connection for iPad and Other USB Devices


A USB terminal on the top of the unit makes it quick and easy to plug in an iPad or other USB device. The digital connection permits fast, loss-free signal transmission.

Subwoofer Output and AUX-in Terminals


The subwoofer out terminals allows you to connect a subwoofer to enjoy enhanced bass power and response. A complimentary subwoofer (like the YST-SW030) adds further depth to the already detailed sound. The AUX input allows connection of other 3rd party audio components like a record player, sound from a television or your phone.

Luxurious Piano-Like Finish and Removable Speaker Grilles


Drawing on decades of experience creating fine pianos, Yamaha gives its speakers a beautiful piano-like finish that looks elegant in any setting. 

The speaker grilles are also designed for good looks, but can be removed for a more basic appearance.

Front Panel and Knobs Have Aluminium Hairline Finish


The aluminium hairline finish of the front panel and knobs also contributes to the over high class appearance of the system.

New Style Remote Control



The remote control has a simplified design that makes it extremely easy to use.

Other Notable Features

• DAB/DAB+ and FM Tuner with Preset Tuning
• CD-text compatibility


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